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We ensure that all our providers meet the highest standards in terms of product quality, innovation and services. To this end, they must satisfy each of the following requirements:


  • Have a proven successful track record
  • Deliver trial-developed, high-quality kits
  • Own all the required certifications
  • Have their kits distributed in all of Europe
  • Have their kits validated by an authoritative laboratory
  • The efficiency and professionalism of their technical support service has been positively assessed
  • They own R&D labs committed to developing further innovative kits.



Specialisation: Precision Oncology
Products: RT-PCR tumour detection kits
Certifications: ISO-13485 – Quality System for Medical Devices.
GMP-compliant, CFDA-approved manufacturing plant.
CE-marked products.
All kits are developed and tested through stringent trials.
Has own distributors worldwide.
Partners include Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Merck, Boehringer Ingelheim for co-promotion of companion diagnostics.
Upcoming documents: Technical Fact Sheet and Kit Instructions.


Specialisation: Preventive detection of adverse drug reactions
Products: RT-PCR adverse drug reaction detection
Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 17015.
GMP-compliant, TFDA- and CFDA-approved manufacturing plant.
All kits are developed and tested through stringent trials.


MASMEC, leader in medical and biotech devices, is a partner of LCM GENECT for laboratory systems for:

  • Nucleic acid extraction
  • Liquid Handling System

LCM Genect together with MASMEC, can provide an advanced workstation for the extraction and / or liquid handling, from sample processing to downstream analysis, with a personalized setup as desired by the Customer so to meet particular needs of processes, utilities and dimensions.

The first result of this partnership of excellence between the two Italian companies is the Liquid Handling LH OMNIA-GENECT, optimized for the LCM Kit and with already installed the software including the validated protocols of our kits.

Modularity, customization, assistance, are the strengths of a leader that since thirty years has played a primary role in the market, for the quality of the machines developed.



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