EGFR Plasma Testing

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EGFR Plasma Testing

EGFR blood testing provides NSCLC patients with unavailable or insufficient tumor tissue the opportunity to benefit from personalized treatment.



Circulating DNA Kit – Cat. No. LCMBL03

  • For isolation of cell-free DNA from serum, plasma and pleural effusion
  • 4 ml sample → 30-100 µl elution
  • High DNA yield and purity
  • Simple procedure (< 90 mins)


Cell-free Protection Vacuum Tube – Cat. No. LCMVT01

  • 10 ml blood collection tube for stabilization of cell-free plasma DNA
  • Contains cell-free DNA protection reagent
  • Whole blood collected is stable for 7 days at 4-25°C


EGFR 29 Mutation Detection Kit – Cat. No. LCMEG01

  • Detects 29 mutations including T790M in the EGFR gene
  • Detects 1%  mutant allele
  • Positive and negative controls
  • External and internal controls



EGFR Detection in Blood vs. Matched Tissue

High concordance rate of EGFR detection in blood compared with matched tissue:




EGFR-TKI Efficacy Prediction

EGFR mutation status can predict the efficacy of EGFR-TKIs treatment in advanced NSCLC

Clinical Study FASTACT II

Positive and negative predictive values for EGFR activating mutations were 93% (68/73) and 86% (130/151) respectively.



EGFR-TKI Drug Resistance Monitoring

EGFR mutation status can monitor the drug resistance of EGFR-TKIs treatment in NSCLC.
T790M ctDNA can be detected in plasma before and after PD and represents a potential poor prognostic factor.



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