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SuperARMS® EGFR Blood Testing

Nome Prodotto Formato N° Test Conservazione Cat. No.
SuperARMS® T790M EGFR Mutation Detection Kit BOX 24 -20±5°C LCMEG12
SuperARMS® EGFR Mutation Detection Kit BOX 12 -20±5°C LCMEG20
SuperARMS® EGFR C797S Mutation Detection Kit BOX 12 -20±5°C LCMEG22

Currently, there are several EGFR-TKIs approved for NSCLC (Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer) targeted therapy, including first-generation TKIs: gefitinib and erlotinib, second-generation TKI: afatinib, and third-generation TKI: osimertinib. In order to select the right patients for these therapies, it is essential to detect EGFR mutation status before taking any treatment decision. NSCLC tissue testing has been applied to EGFR mutations detection for years.
However, up to 25% of patients with advanced or metastatic NSCLC do not have an available or sufficient tumor tissue sample for this method of testing. Moerover, the demand for dynamic monitoring of EGFR mutation status is increasing steadily and substantially. The ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) obtained from blood samples could be used for the assessment of EGFR mutation status when tissue sample is not available.
SuperARMS® EGFR kits are highly sensitive real-time PCR-based tests designed to identify ctDNA EGFR mutations in plasma samples of patients with advanced or metastatic NSCLC. The kits adopt the innovative ADx-SuperARMS technology which was upgraded from ADx-ARMS technology. Its optimized reaction system can rapidly and accurately detect a low percentage of mutant ctDNA in a background of wild-type DNA.


NSCLC EGFR Blood Testing Options



SuperARMS® EGFR T790M Mutation Detection Kit


Real-time PCR Assay to detect EGFRT790M Mutation in plasma samples


One Tube – two fluorescent labeled:
FAM T790M Mutation
HEX – Internal Control


Analytical sensitivity:
0,2% mutant allele


Real time PCR output:






SuperARMS® EGFR Mutation Detection Kit


Real-time PCR Assay to detect 42 EGFR Mutation in plasma samples


Mutation detected by the kit:

  • Exon 18: G719C, G719A
  • Exon 19: 29 deletions
  • Exon 20: T790M, S768l, 6 insertions
  • Exon 21: L858R, L861Q


Analytical sensitivity:

0,2% – 0,8% mutant allele


Real time PCR output:


1) Annual Review of Pathology – Mechanisms of Disease 2013
2) Douillard, J-Y et al., 2014, British Journal of cancer, 110:55-62
3) Zheng D, et al., 2015, Association of plasma EGFR T790M ctDNA status with clinical outcome in advanced NSCLC patients with acquired EGFR-TKI resistance. ASCO Abstract n.8080

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