When innovation made in Italy is combined, precision medicine goes beyond borders.


Milan – Siena – San Francisco – January 15, 2020


LCM GENECT, an innovative molecular diagnostics enterprise, has formalized the agreement with EXOSOMICS, a leading company in research in the field of exosomes and in the development of solutions for pan-tumor screening and molecular oncological diagnostics based on analysis of exosomes.


LCM GENECT is the sole distributor in Italy of SeleCTEV™-DNA and SoRTEV™-RNA: kits for extraction of DNA and RNA from exosomes, based on proprietary peptide-based and antibody-based technologies. The line developed by the Siena Research Group represents the perfect solution for the pre-analytical phase in oncology and pharmacogenetics, starting from “liquid” samples, such as a simple blood sample.


LCM GENECT and EXOSOMICS will help testing laboratories to take a decisive step towards opting for liquid biopsy: fast, less invasive, more sensitive, able to provide a complete clinical picture of the patient.


Exosomes are the ideal precision medicine platform, able to improve current diagnostic performance, by providing high quality tumor-enriched starting material and overcoming background noise. A door opener to early cancer diagnostics and minimal residual disease detection,” said Antonio Chiesi, CEO and founder of EXOSOMICS, when presenting, together with Davide Zocco, head of R&D, the added value of exosomes at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference, the most important event in the world dedicated to technological innovation in the biotech and pharmaceutical fields, currently taking place in the USA.



A “Pandora’s box capable of revolutionizing the approach to laboratory diagnostics“, as the exosomes were defined at ESMO Global, held last September in Barcelona, “and we are confident that a sound, scientifically credible and long-standing partner like LCM Genect will contribute to the spread of our technology in the diagnostic market.”


I am convinced that liquid biopsy, adaptable to multiple needs and new generation methods, is the ideal solution for monitoring targeted oncological therapy and overcoming any relapses and resistance to first and second generation drugs that may have developed, “says Riccardo Razzini, Head of Marketing & Sales at LCM Genect.


Cecilia Lencioni, CEO of LCM Genect, expresses all LCM Group’s satisfaction for the trust given by a Partner that stands out in the sector for its technological innovation and international spirit. EXOSOMICS’ knowledge assets will enable Italy to promote of innovative applications based on liquid biopsy and become a key world player in this field.


A new alliance, a constant goal:


Get precision medicine earlier, for everybody.


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