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A new start up for the medicine of tomorrow


Milan, June 2016 – Founding of LCM Genect® “Enabling Precision Medicine”, a privately held company committed to the development of Precision Medicine.


LCM Genect’s outstanding ability to innovate draws on the initiative of the company’s founding partners, who brought together their professional and entrepreneurial experience as well as their solid expertise in molecular diagnostics.

In LCM Genect’s vision, the future of medicine lies in the combination of clinical and genetic know-how, so that therapies may be personalised to meet each patient’s individual needs. This is the aim of precision medicine, a discipline that is destined to revolutionise citizens’ health in the years to come.


“Our goal is to foster the worldwide growth of precision medicine by designing, producing and marketing ground-breaking molecular and pharmacogenetic diagnosis tests, and to become a touchstone in an area that is increasingly crucial for health protection.”


LCM’s solid tradition in the pharmaceutical industry combined with the founding partners’ scientific know-how and experience in the field of diagnostics ensure that LCM Genect can deliver outstanding scientific and commercial credibility and make us a key player in the revolution of modern medicine.


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