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Led by a first-rate scientific committee, our research aims to develop new tests based on advanced molecular diagnostics and on pharmacogenetics.

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Our goal is to improve everyone’s health through ground-breaking genetic tests that enable personalised diagnoses and therapies to be determined. Our vision, drive and commitment make us key players in the modern medicine revolution.

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Thanks to our partnership network, our secure and top-of-the-line supply chain and our state-of-the-art R&D lab, we are able to develop and validate accurate and reliable genetic tests.


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Our scientific studies and trials ensure the analytic validity and clinical usability of our kits.
Our state-of-the-art products are safe, effective, stable and well-performing.
Our kits enable the detection of genetic mutations, drug intolerances and other issues. Their reliability is backed by clinical trials.

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We are a young, forward-thinking company with thirty years of experience.

We have built up a solid, worldwide network of certified partners to ensure that our products are always safe and effective.

Most of our products are CE marked and others are about to be validated by our scientific committee through clinical trials.

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