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General terms and conditions of use and access to website


Intellectual and industrial property rights – Copyright
Unless an express written declaration is provided by LCM Genect S.r.L., all content of the website http://www.lcm-genect.com is protected, in terms of use, and total and partial reproduction and diffusion, by the exclusive intellectual property rights, patent, brand, copyright and intellectual property rights of LCM Genect itself and the third parties referred to on the website (law n. 633/1941).


The website user has no right to any financial gain resulting from the content belonging to the LCM Genect S.r.L. and third parties referred to on the website, nor with reference to brands, patents, technologies, products, processes and any other intellectual and industrial property right.
The users undertake to hold LCM Genect S.r.L. indemnified against all complaints, damages, liability, legal proceedings and any other prejudicial consequence deriving from the violation of regulations relating to third party rights, such as, (solely by way of example) copyright, brands, patents, intellectual and industrial property rights, unfair competition and defamation, which the users are responsible for during navigation of the website and use of its contents.


Guarantees and limits to liability
LCM Genect S.r.L. has gathered and published the information contained in this website http://www.lcm-genect.com to the best of its knowledge and with the greatest professional diligence and takes no responsibility for any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, incompleteness or mistakes on this website. All the web pages that make up the http://www.lcm-genect.com website have been prepared for the sole purpose of providing information to users on web and do not in any represent an advertising and/or promotional activity.


LCM Genect S.r.L. reserves the right to modify this website at any time without any prior notice. Neither LCM Genect S.r.L., or any other third party Company which may be involved in the creation, realization and publication of this website and all others linked to it, may be held responsible in any way for any direct or incidental damages resulting from or indirectly resulting from access to, use of or failure to use this website and others linked to it, or for any error or omission in its contents.



The links to third party sites are only published on this site for the convenience of the user. LCM Genect S.r.L. expressly declines any responsibility with regard to the information arising from third party sources and its use.



Modifications to these conditions of use
LCM Genect S.r.L. reserves the right to review the terms and conditions of use and access to the website without prior notice by updating this text. Visitors are bound by these revisions and therefore obliged to periodically consult these Terms and Conditions to become aware of any updates.


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